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Emissions’ testing is administered through a network of privately owned automotive service facilities located throughout the state. Each facility will have an exterior sign, with their official Test Center number. Each facility will also provide designated emissions testing parking and a waiting area where you can view the test and review program literature.

You can either make an appointment or drive up for a test at any participating center. Please note that there are two types of Test Centers:

• Full Service Test Centers can perform emissions testing on all eligible vehicles regardless of fuel type or model year. For a complete list of Full Service test centers click here.

• OBD Plus Test Centers can perform all emissions testing except on 1996 or older diesel powered vehicles or on vehicles 1997 or newer with a GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) > than 8501 lbs.

If you’re not sure which facility meets you needs, please call the motorist hotline at 1-888-828-8399.

If your vehicle is oversized, please call the facility prior to arriving to see if it can accommodate your vehicle.

To view a complete list of Test Centers throughout Connecticut click here or to search by county, city or ZIP code enter below.

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